Services - Emergency Services

TPEI offers 24/7/365 emergency service. Emergency repairs can include gearbox rebuilding on many different types of extruder boxes and other items that could put customers' lines down.

If the line goes down TPEI can get it back up and running in a quick and timely manner. Examples include changing the thrust housing on an extruder gearbox to accomodate a thrust bearing that is available from stock, and engineering and modifications of parts to solve breakage or to prolong the life of individual parts.

TPEI provides telephone support, can arrange for shipment of emergency spare parts, and can schedule a technician for on-site service.

Emergency service hotline is staffed 24/7. During regular business hours contact TPEI's Pennsylvania office for service, spare parts and repairs. After business hours and on holidays, please call the emergency hotline.

24/7 Service

TPEI services and supports what it sells. The company believes that machine is like a child. When it leaves the nest, it isn't abandoned. TPEI's technical staff is available to help it reach its full potential. When it gets 'sick', TPEI's field service is available for "house calls" and if necessary the "emergency room" (our well equipped shop) is available 24/7. Should problems occur, TPEI has a proven record of design and modification to meet new proesses and customer's challenges.

Technical Support

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TPEI maintains extra machining capacity for emergency service work