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With its short L/D (length/diameter), the TPEI mixer can handle heavy fill rates in excess of 80%, making it the versatile workhorse plastics compounders have come to love. Featuring a compact chamber that helps keep dwell times low, the mixer is a perfect match for temperature-sensitive materials.

Models and Sizes

TPEI manufactures a complete line of continuous mixers ranging in size from a 1-inch lab machine, producing up to 50 lbs/hr, up to a 9 inch production line producing as much as 15,000 lbs/hr.


The FR (Free Rotor) model is a 3PC rotor design; the shafts are separate from the rotor body allowing rotors to be changed without disturbing the bearing shafts.


The FRE model uses the same 3PC rotor design as the FR, but extends the rotor body by one L/D to help extend the feed chamber of the mixer allowing for ease when feeding hard-to-feed or "fluffy" materials. The "E" machines are typically equipped with approximately 30% more horsepower then the standard FR machines.



Standard Options

Custom Options


A variety of rotor profiles are available, which can be easily changed due to the three-piece rotor design. Other rotor profiles that are currently being tested and are awaiting patent approval.

Surface Coatings

Fully Lined Chambers

Chamber Inserts

Discharge Orifices

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